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Airflo Super-Dri Ridge Chard Tropical Punch Line


Using the latest materials technology our newest Tropical line packs a punch. Developed with the help of Bruce Chard, one of the most sought after guide in the Florida Keys, this line will help you deliver your fly to your target quickly and accurately. The secret to this line is its compact front taper and extended rear taper. For the average fisherman who only gets a few weeks a year to chase a grand slam; wind, big flies, and knocking knees can get in the way of their goal. The Chard line uses the latest Super-DRI technology, ultra quiet ridge technology, and low stretch power core to get your fly to the fish, stick it, and stay stuck.

Taper: Ultra-Powerful Front Taper
Core: Power Core
Range: WF8 WF12
Coating: Super-DRI Ridge Tropical
Polyleader: Salmon

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Airflo Super-Dri Ridge Chard Tropical Punch Line