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Valerie Lamphere Commissioned Work

A note from Valerie,

"There is so much of me in my art. My commissions for me are more of an outpouring of creative vibes and a sincere desire to bring the photo subject back to life in a way that can't really be captured by photos. I have many clients that love their custom portraits of lost family members and still with us friends, and trophy catches."

"I started my life in Colorado, and do not remember much of it as, we moved to Milton, Vermont when I was only three. My childhood and early high school , I was extremely interested in the outside world around me, and living in the country (and Vermont is a beautiful state) was inspiring, I started really pursuing art in early high school,and with a great program that supported my creativity I pursued art in college, to polish my skills. Off and on, between my 20s and now I have put down my brushes and pencils, but I'm back now, and I'm never putting it down again!"

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.