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EP Enrico Puglisi Trigger Point International Fibers

EP™ TRIGGER POINT FIBERS are specifically designed by Enrico Puglisi and innovative Australian fly fisherman and fly dresser Mick Hall to match a multitude of wing and body colors found in the insect world.

The wings and body of Mayflies such as March Browns, Green Drakes, Blue Winged Olives or the fabled Morning Dun can be easily matched with the use of these fibers. They make for fine and thin profile bodies on flies making traditional dubbing obsolete.

You can select a carefully designed EP™ TRIGGER POINT FIBERS blend to match just about any flying insect. You also have the option of blending your own individual colors for specific hatches on your local waters. They are marking-pen friendly as well, for additional color variation.

EP™ TRIGGER POINT FIBERS have a natural floating property, which makes these flies sit right on the water column.
Fibers are 8” in Length .

Green Drake

Golden Sulphur

Pale Morning Dun

March Brown

Quick Silver

Blue Wing Olive




Spinner Wing



**Any color marked S.O. will take ~1 week before shipping**
EP Enrico Puglisi Trigger Point International Fibers