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Korkers Greenback Boot - Kling-On & Plain Felt Soles


Anglers demand all-day comfort and performance from their boots, but not everyone wants to gut their wallets to get it. Built on the foundation of their proprietary adaptable traction technology, the GreenBackTM delivers award winning innovation without breaking the bank.

The GreenBackTM offers anglers an incredible value with features like Korkers’ proprietary OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System, which adapts the boot’s traction to any fishing condition and allows for easy and economical re-sole replacement when a sole wears down. Other important design features include a molded EVA midsole that offers support and cushioning for long days on the water.

Understanding that less water means less weight, the GreenBackTM incorporates hydrophobic materials for faster dry times and to reduce the chance of spreading invasive species. The GreenBackTM also offers integrated, internal drainage channels in the midsole and large drainage ports that flush water out of the boot with every step.

“Compare Korkers new GreenBackTM Wading Boot to any other boot in the fishing industry in the low to mid price range and it simply blows the competition away. While our competitors often use die cut EVA and stack-and-glue construction to cut costs to hit an entry level price point, we wanted to ensure that the GreenBackTM spares no expense when it comes to technology and performance. The GreenBackTM features hallmark features like a molded EVA midsole for shock absorption, comfort, and support, as well as our proprietary OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System. We believe the new GreenBackTM delivers an outstanding value for consumers of all types and are excited to be able to reach new customers with this economical price point”, says Korkers CEO, Brian Chaney

~ OmniTrax® interchangeable sole system adapts your traction to any fishing condition.
~ Hydrophobic materials = faster dry times which lessen the chance of spreading invasive species.
~ Includes cemented parts & strategic seam locations.
~ Water flows thru internal channels then out midsole ports, removing excess water and weight.
~ Traditional laces with rugged web loops.
~ sizes 7 -15 full sizes only
~ weight: 2 lbs. 7 oz (per pair, size 9)
~ height: 7 inches

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Korkers Greenback Boot - Kling-On & Plain Felt Soles