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EP Enrico Puglisi Craft Fur Brush

This is definitely a brush that will create a fly out of the ordinary! Period. I started with the craft fur fibers, then a mix of three different EP™ FIBERS for the inner core and finished with the appropriate amount of EP™ SPARKLE with UV light reflection. The result? Once you wrap this brush in a hook you will have the inner core of one color and the outer core in a different color; glue in any of your favorite eyes and you’re good to go. The color combinations are endless from saltwater to freshwater. EP™ CRAFTFUR BRUSH will bring yours fly creations to a different level.

6 Brushes per pack.

Black / Black

Black / Purple


Chartreuse / Black

Dark Olive / Chartreuse

Fl Orange / Black

Grey Olive / Yellow

Grey / White

Hot Pink / Purple

Medium Olive / Sand

Sand / Brown

Sand / Chartreuse

White / Black

White / Chartreuse

White / Red

White / White

White / Yellow

S.O. Black / Chartreuse

S.O. Bright Green / Black

S.O. Bright Green / Red

S.O. Bright Red / Black

S.O. Chartreuse / Red

S.O. Grey Olive / Fl Orange

S.O. Hot Pink / Black

S.O. Med Brown / Olive

S.O. Med Olive / Brown

S.O. Med Olive / Fl Orange

S.O. Purple / Chartreuse

S.O. Purple / Fl Orange

S.O. Yellow / Black

S.O. Yellow / Red

**Any color marked S.O. will take ~1 week before shipping**

EP Enrico Puglisi Craft Fur Brush