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DVD - The Complete Cast - by Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski


Fly-Fishing Icons Reveal All in New Fly-Casting Video Series Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworowski espouse a different way of thinking about casting.

Dallas, Texas—One fishing legend calls it the “best explanation of the principles of fly casting ever published.” Another says “no two folks on earth have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a cast.” It’s easy to see why the premier release of The Complete Cast: Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworowski video series is causing such a stir among novices and pros alike.

The 13-chapter DVD and Vimeo download series features Lefty Kreh, the revered outdoor writer of 31 books and fly fishing instructor who at 90 years old still cares about giving anglers of all levels a “total new look at fly casting.” Lefty is paired with one of his best friends, Ed Jaworowski, a retired Villanova University professor and well-rounded freshwater and saltwater fly fisherman who understands fly casting techniques and principles “better than any man I have ever met.”

Produced by Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO), the DVD and Vimeo on Demand series packs in four hours of stories, more than 25 master casts and techniques and helpful tips, all focused on four main principles based on common sense and applied physics or mechanics.

Throughout The Complete Cast, Lefty and Ed encourage a different way of thinking of fly casting by demonstrating, explaining and teaching the elements common to all casts.

“We’ve been trying to do this with Lefty for nearly 10 years,” said Rick Pope, president of TFO, a successful fly and conventional rod manufacturer based in Dallas, TX. “It’s the most comprehensive collection of casts and lessons and how to’s and how-not-to’s ever compiled.”

Each chapter is easily digestible and accessible, and professionally filmed and produced by Dallas-based bloomfield knoble (bk), a full-service strategic advertising agency whose principals’ love of fly fishing took them around North America with Lefty and Ed and their client, TFO.

Lefty is one of the pioneers of saltwater fly fishing and his knowledge is vast. Ever filled with wit and down-to-earth anecdotes, Lefty has fished with everyone from Fidel Castro to Ted Williams to Tom Brokaw in his five-decade career.

Ed approaches fly casting with the critical eye of a scientist. His obsession to explain the mechanics and physics has set him apart from his contemporaries.

Paired together in The Complete Cast, this duo provides 100 years of fly fishing knowledge never before compiled. From the beginner to the advanced, this collection of lessons will vastly impact and improve everyone’s fly casting experience.

The Complete Cast: Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworowski is available as a Collector’s Edition DVD.

  The DVD includes both Blu-Ray (BRD) and Standard Definition for $49.95.

About Temple Fork Outfitters

Armed with a lifetime passion for fishing, TFO set out to establish a new standard of value for fly and conventional rods. They rely on their own experience, as well as the advice of many professionals in creating what they believe is the perfect union – price and performance.

They have an exceptional group of advisory staff members with decades of experience. Not only does this advisory staff provide TFO with insight to improve the company’s products, but they also spend countless hours traveling the world and sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

About Lefty Kreh
For more than 50 years as an outdoor writer and fly fishing instructor, Lefty Kreh has touched more lives and converted more people to fly fishing than anyone ever has or ever likely will. He has truly been a servant to the fly fishing community, having given selflessly with his teaching skills, innovations and humor, and adding immeasurably to the level of enjoyment and satisfaction that many of us have experienced from the sport of fly fishing.

Lefty’s writing career began part-time in 1952 with a newspaper outdoor column and has progressed to include articles in many of the major outdoor publications and fly fishing periodicals. He has authored, collaborated on, or contributed to more than 20 books. There is an old view of fly fishing that has circulated around the sport fishing community for too many years that fly fishing is an “elitist” sport. This view, which has long been troublesome for Lefty, has been perpetuated, in large part, by the fact that fly fishing gear was very expensive. Through the vision and efforts of TFO and other companies, a big out lay of cash is no longer required. Lefty is now the lead member of the Temple Fork Outfitters rod design team, where he is a key contributor to the TFO mission to build high-performance rods at an affordable price.

About Ed Jaworowski
Ed Jaworowski is a writer, photographer and an exceptional caster with a passion and a desire to share his skills with others. In addition to teaching casting and fly fishing for more than 30 years, Ed has authored four books – “The Cast,” “Troubleshooting the Cast,” “PopFleyes,” and “Essential Saltwater Flies.” He also served as consultant and contributor to “The Complete Book of Fly Fishing,” and his writings have been featured in more than 200 publications and more than 20 angling periodicals here and abroad since 1977.

He has more than 50 years of fly tying experience, has fished and conducted casting clinics around much of the western hemisphere, and is in demand as a speaker. Ed is making significant contributions to the design of TFO rods and related products and is assisting in the development of casting schools and other educational programs. Ed recently retired from Villanova University, where he was on staff for more than 40 years and rose to the position of Department Chair/Classical Studies. His recent retirement from academia will allow him to devote even more time to his special interest in the things of fly fishing, which are on-going at Temple Fork Outfitters.

Celebrity quotes

“I think it’s the best explanation of the principles of fly casting ever published. It proves that there is very little effort in moving the fly rod to exert energy throughout its length.”
– Bob Clouser, fly inventor, fly shop owner and angling icon

“When Lefty and Ed describe The Complete Cast, it’s like watching Michael Jordan at the free-throw line. No two folks on earth have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a cast. Neither are there better than Lefty” and Ed at passing along the boiler plate. Miss The Complete Cast, and you’ve successfully cheated yourself out of the opportunity to bring truly improved casting skills to any fishing situation.” – Flip Pallot, angling legend and host of the Outdoor Channel’s “Ford’s Fishing Frontiers”

“The Complete Cast is A to Z; it’s a tome, a lifetime of study encapsulated and the most thorough study of fly casting ever made.”– Larry Dahlberg, former guide and Fishing Hall of Fame inductee and host of the Outdoor Channel’s “The Hunt for Big Fish”

“I loved The Complete Cast. Casting is the biomechanical heart of fly fishing. It is also the single biggest barrier to entry into the sport. Lefty and Ed are a great pairing when it comes to tearing down that barrier in an easy-to-understand manner. There is a lot in the DVD, too, for the more advanced caster—tricks, little nuances of certain casts. This is a DVD I will re-watch over and over.” –Monte Burke, New York Times best-selling author, staff writer at Forbes

  • Introduction
  • The Four Principals
  • The Critical Angle
  • Getting Started
  • Types of Casts
  • The Tailing Loop
  • Casting with the Wind
  • Casting with Weight
  • Retrieving
  • Practice Techniques
  • Helpful Tips
  • Conclusion

  • DVD - The Complete Cast - by Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski