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UFM - Hochner's Defiant Crab - Brown !

A Lex Hochner design that is equally deadly on permit as it is on redfish. The unique rounded back makes the fly rest in a "defiant" pose.

Written by: Lex Hochner
"As is the case on a patented basis with all “stacked” synthetic fiber crab fly patterns, the Defiant Crab is a variation upon a theme of Del Brown’s Merkin Crab. The Defiant Crab was primarily designed as a permit pattern, but it has also been highly successful in taking bonefish and redfish. Aside from the realistic marriage of materials, the aspect of this fly which sets it apart from other crab patterns' is the unique body trimming method. When at rest between strips, this pattern “stands up” in a defensive posture simulating the same tactics employed by a natural crab, (center illustration above). The Defiant Crab has morphed and been “tweaked” over a period of four years. The end results is a reliable, but simple design, which unfortunately is time consuming to tie."

UFM - Hochner's Defiant Crab - Brown !
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