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RIOMax II Coldwater 30' Shooting Heads - Floating

Back-End Welded Loop

With RIO’s 30 ft shooting heads you can cast long distances with ease. The unique taper design stabilizes the head in the air and prevents “dumping” at the end of the cast which translates into greater distance. The head weight is built to AFTM standards and most casters will find it an advantage to step up two line sizes from their rod rating - so put an 8wt head on a 6wt rod. Each head has an easy ID loop for quick recognition; attach this loop to the shooting line.

Whether for saltwater, steelhead, salmon or trout, the RIOMax II shooting heads will improve distance.

Attach to either SlickShooter® or RIO’s Powerflex core shooting lines according to these recommendations for best performance.

ST5 to ST8 - 0.024" Powerflex Shooting line, or 25# SlickShooter
ST8 to ST10 - 0.030" Powerflex Shooting line, or 35# SlickShooter
ST10 and bigger - 0.035" Powerflex Shooting line, or 44# SlickShooter

  • Length: 30'
  • 8 - 12 weight

  • RIOMax II Coldwater 30' Shooting Heads - Floating
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