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RIO InTouch Mid Head Spey Line !

Front-End Loop - Connectcore - Loading point

The InTouch Mid Head Spey line has an easy casting mid length head, with a long "step" taper at the front that unrolls with extreme ease and efficiency. The head length is ideal for Spey rods between 13ft and 14ft in length, and for mid-sized rivers. the line is built with RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the very best in performance, and features AgentX & Extreme Slickness technologies, as well as welded loops on both ends, and a Loading Point marker.

  • Length: 110' to 120'
  • Color:Green/Orange/Straw
  • Specs
    6/7wt - 520gr, Sink Rate: Float, Head Length:52ft/15.8m, Total Length:110ft/33.8m
    7/8wt - 570gr, Sink Rate: Float, Head Length:54ft/16.5m, Total Length:110ft/33.8m
    8/9wt - 635gr, Sink Rate: Float, Head Length:56ft/17.1m, Total Length:115ft/35m
    9/10wt - 700gr, Sink Rate: Float, Head Length:58ft/17.7m, Total Length:120ft/36.5m
    10/11wt - 785gr, Sink Rate: Float, Head Length:60ft/18.3m, Total Length:120ft/36.5m

    RIO InTouch Mid Head Spey Line !