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Brucato - February Red Fly

This soft-hackled wet fly pattern is a classic North Country Spider that is based on those tied in the United Kingdom and which has also proven itself deadly on American waters with American trout over a period of many years. In addition, this particular pattern was one of the late Sylvester Nemes' (the self-professed soft-hackle addict's) favorite patterns and is a must have in every fly-fisherman's fly box.

In the water the Parasall's tying silk used on this fly turns a translucent color that represents a wide range of different types of flies while the pulsating soft-hackle imparts motion to the fly which triggers a vicious strike by trout that is easy to feel! Fishing soft-hackle wet flies like this classic February Red pattern is to quote Sylvester Nemes, "a fishing system that is easy and productive, satisfying and esthetic."

When to Fish it:
Fish all soft-hackle wet flies with confidence during the Spring, Summmer and Fall seasons.

How to Fish it:
Soft-hackle wet flies may be fished both upstream or downstream and both methods of fly-fishing with this type of fly will work provided that you fish the fly in a drag free manner by casting slack into the line. We recommend that you fish a soft-hackled wet fly using a light sensitive rod with a floating line and a long fine leader just under the surface. We also suggest that you fish this type of fly just as Slyvester Nemes explained, "by casting upstream a little, while moving the rod tip toward my bank to keep the line tight to signal a strike, then moving the rod tip toward the other bank as the line and the fly passed my level in their downstream phase of the trip. To lengthen the amount of drift, when the cast was spent, I would let out line, the amount governed by the current."

Soft-hackle wet flies may be fished as a single fly or in tandem with another similar pattern usually in another size and color in order to provide the trout a choice and to shorten the learning curve as to what fly will work best on any given day.

Brucato - February Red Fly Write a review | No reviews for this product.


Write a review | No reviews for this product.