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Doug Swisher's Northern Lights

This is an absolutely Gorgeous tailing and underbody material made from a combination of flash that is twisted with micro fibers and them dyed. The tinsel color stays the same while the fibers take on the dye color. These are perfect for Trout, Bass, Pike, Saltwater, Steelhead and Alaska Patterns.

Hot colors are UV-X

Aura UVX Hot Chartreuse

Aura Hot White

Black UVX Hot Chartreuse

Black UVX Hot Pink

Black Hot White

Black UVX Hot Yellow

Black Purple

Copper White

Copper Brown

Gold Black

Olive Olive

Olive UVX Hot Chartreuse

Olive Hot White

Olive UVX Hot Yellow

Pink Purple

Pink UVX Hot Pink

Pink Hot White

Purple Electric Purple

Purple UVX Hot Pink

Red Black

Red Hot White

Red Purple

Red Red

Silver White

Silver UVX Hot Yellow

Doug Swisher's Northern Lights