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Dr. Slick Extra Hand Tweezer

Super versatile bull dog, self-closing design. Can be used for a myriad of tasks on the tying bench - If you have trouble holding and placing small materials as you tie them on the hook, this fly tying tool will make your life easier. It is a self–closing tweezer so you can put it down still holding the material, and pick it up when you're ready without missing a beat.

But this tweezer really excels on your vest or in a fly box. I keep one on a retractor and use it to select #20 flies from my midge box and then let it hang while I repack the box. No need to transfer fly to patch. Extra Hand says it all.

The tweezer has a handsome gold & satin finish and a curved end for exact placement. 2 Ό″ long.

Dr. Slick Extra Hand Tweezer