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Maxxon XPW-240

The low-profile designed XPW-240 has all the advantages of a pontoon boat with none of the disadvantages. Its minimal profile almost completely eliminates wind as a factor while moving across lakes, revisions, swamps and ponds. Our open bow designs make entering, exiting and landing a fisher less complicated than traditional vessels. To propel the craft bring your kick-fins, use the oars included or take advantage of the detachable transom, mount a small trolling motor and cruise to your getaway in style

The reduced weight of these XPW packages easily transport, allowing more time on the water and less time at launch. With our 'GTS', , the XPW series offers a staggering amount of gear attachment points for total customization! More than any other inflatable boats in their class...if there are any.

Maxxon XPW-240