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Pro Sports UV Thin/Flex Resin

It is obvious that Pro Sportfisher’s new U.V. Thin/Flex Resin is the start of a new generation of U.V. cure products. Pro Sportfisher U.V. Thin Flex Resin adds new dimension to strength, bonding ability along with flexibility to all fresh and saltwater flies and fly components.

There are a lot of technical “buzz” phrases like long molecular chain that allows for high bonding strength and flexibility. That is all good, but suffice to say this is one of the best if not the best U.V. resin product currently available. Tyers and fisherman alike will find tons of uses from solidifying a dumbbell eye tie-in, protecting a Pro G3 J.C. nail, gluing eyes to Pro Softheads permanently, backing to fly line knots, Butt section to fly line knots etc. etc. Oh, did we forget to mention Chironomids and Midges? Works great over thread, Mylar and wire as well.

Cure Pro U.V. Thin/Flex Resin with any U.V. torch. Of course, the better quality lights will yield better results and shorter U.V. exposure times. Loon Mega or CCG Pro Plus Torches are highly recommended.

  • 100% full cure top to bottom
  • Ultra strong bonding ability to all fly tying materials
  • Glass clear when fully cured
  • Long range durability

  • Pro Sports UV Thin/Flex Resin