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Patagonia Middlefork Packable Waders !

Patagonia's new waterproof, breathable Middle Fork Packable waders weigh in at a surprisingly light 1 pound,10 ounces and shove into a stuff sack that’s smaller than anything else on the market. drop down the top of these waders using the strap suspension system when it’s hot. The leg pattern is gusseted at the crotch and scuff guarded at ankles. Three layers of recycled nylon up high. Four layers of recycled nylon down low.

Bart Bonime, Patagonia director of fishing, describes the booties as "sort of a liquid neoprene." The best way to describe the booty is seamless, durable rubber. The folks from Patagonia abuse the booties through various forms of stretching, pulling, prodding and ripping and they simply snap back into shape once the torture is over.

  • Waders pack into a compact 8" x 13" stuff sack

  • Total weight is only 1 pound, 10 ounces.

  • Low bulk seamless booties made from strong and stretchy synthetic rubber

  • Waterproof/breathable construction with an H2NO performance standard shell. Lighweight but durable enough for hard fishing, the upper body is 3-layer, 3.5oz 100% recycled nylon; the seat and legs are 4-layer, 4.5oz 100% recycled polyester.

  • Drop down suspension system allows waders to be easily worn at waist height.

  • Tough scuff guards at ankles.

  • Selective feature set shaves weight without sacrificing function.

  • Available January 2018

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    Patagonia Middlefork Packable Waders !

    Special orders may take 2-4 weeks