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Cortland Precision Compact Floating Line

Cortland's Compact Float features a full floating short, compact, aggressive head design that loads deep and shoots an extreme amount of line with minimal false casts. Built on a braided nylon multi-filament core with our proprietary HTx coating, the Compact Series (Float) remains slick and supple in cold and warm conditions. Ideal for throwing large streamers, bass poppers and heavy Clousers the unique taper design allows the angler to fish sink tips as well as short or long leaders. A color change at the head and handling section separates the moss green head and yellow running line for easy identification for when it’s time to re-cast or shoot line.

Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: Olive / Yellow
Core: Braided Multifilament Nylon
Length: 100'
dual loops

Cortland Precision Compact Floating Line