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Nautilus NV-G 7/8 - Key Lime w/Black Parts


The G-7 spool for the NV 8/9 was designed to offer fly fishers a larger arbor 7 wt reel without sacrificing weight by fitting it to the super light NV8/9 frame. The G-7 comfortably holds 200 yards of #20 backing with a WF7F line. Additionally, the G-7 spools offer Gelspun (GSP) backing users a spool that will hold 220 yds of 50lb gelspun with a WF9F line. This is a great 7 wt steelhead set-up.

Weight: 6.6 oz.
Diameter: 4.00 in.
Width: 1.09 in.
  • WF6 + 225yd 30#
  • WF8 + 270yd 50# gel

  • Key Lime with 2 Custom Parts - Black Back Plate, Hooker

    Nautilus NV-G 7/8 - Key Lime w/Black Parts