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Saturday June 1st 2019 - Mark Sedotti Casting Clinic

Mark Sedotti is a fly fishing writer who is one of the finest fly casters and fly casting teachers in the Country. He was Fly Casting Columnist for Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine and has awed audiences at casting demonstrations at The Fly Fishing Show(s), FFF Conclaves, ISE Shows, and local and regional fly fishing clubs all around the Country for years.
Class info:
  • 1-5 pm
  • $125.00
  • 8 spaces available

    From Mark:
    Most people who come to me for instruction are novice to very advanced. Many of these students, especially the advanced, want to really increase their distance, and/or work on backcast casting techniques, or want to cast into the wind more effectively. But I can improve anyone regardless of level, because my clinics are really individual instruction in the group setting. I work with what you Personally need, and usually have you make only one to three small, easy to make changes, that result in BIG IMPROVEMENTS. I work with your casting style too, and can't even remember when I last changed someone's.

  • Saturday June 1st 2019 - Mark Sedotti Casting Clinic