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Solarez Fly-Tie Colors

Solarez Colored resin families:
  • FLUORESCENT Family: Translucent, wildly bright colors that further fluoresce in daylight and are vivid even in dim light.

  • EARTH TONE FAMILY: Subdued, opaque, natural oxides, Black & white

  • INTERFERENCE PIGMENT FAMILY 3-dimensional colors with highly reflective light scattering properties. Shimmering pearlescents, metallics and opalescents. Bling-bling.

    5-gram bottles
    Cures best with Solarez “Resinator” flashlight
    Fine tip brush applicator
    Outstanding for hot spots / trigger points.
    Interference pigments have more pronounced effect over darker colors, however pearl over white has a nice effect too. Usage tip: UV curing of color resins is always better when done in thinner applications. If mass is desired, do so with Solarez THICK or MEDIUM first, then color over that. All resins are compatible and stick well to each other

  • Solarez Fly-Tie Colors