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Royal Wulff Premium Plus Textured Line !


The Triangle Taper Plus now available with a superior textured coating. Allowing the line to shoot further by providing less friction in the guides. This is the most premium Royal Wulff freshwater line yet! Also features a higher floating tip.

A modern upgrade to the classic Triangle Taper Flyline. An all purpose line combines a western style half size heavier head with the roll casting and shooting ability of the Triangle Taper design. Perfect for today's faster action rods.

The head length on the TT Premium is 30 (3-5wt) and 35 (6-7wt) These are built on the plus so they are a half size heavy. Loops both ends.
The running lines and 3 feet of the 3rd color tip only are textured. The texture is medium. Tip colored to see leader end on both lines.

With J3

Type: Saltwater Textured
Line Weight:3,4,5,6,7
Length: 105'
Taper Length: 30'
Running Line Length: 75'
Color: Sand/Sky Blue/Ivory

Royal Wulff Premium Plus Textured Line !