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Mud Dog Dazzle Bait - Pink !

We have fished this pattern pretty hard to make sure it works...from Maine to Florida to the East Cape of Baja...IT DOES! Stripers, blues, albies, bluefin, blackfin, mahi, 'cuda, snook, roosters, skipjack...and pickerel.

Initially built for schoolie/football tuna feeding on 4-6” sand eels this pattern has become a “go-to” fly for striped bass and bluefish in the north east. Originally created for surface blitz/sight casting situations, the over-coated shoulder allows for repeated water hauling and quick re-cast without fouling. Although intended to match Cape Cod Bay sand eels, the profile and size matches many typical baitfish. Color configuration can be changed to adapt the fly for different fisheries/environs making this a versatile utility pattern. In addition to catching in New England, this pattern has been consistently effective for false albacore up and down the east coast, blackfin tuna and snook in Florida and roosterfish and skipjack on the East Cape of Baja

Mud Dog Dazzle Bait - Pink !

Size 3/0 ~4.5"