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Peter Nilsen Tribal Art Fish Stickers

I must confess, drawing and fishing have been the major passions of my entire life. Not only did my drawing provide me with a wonderful career in advertising for more than 40 years, but it has made me see this wide, wonderful world, through an artist’s eye. When I was only 10 years old, I started taking art classes at the Art Association in Newport, RI. There I learned to draw what I saw and paint what I felt. I knew that some day, I would make art my career.

I graduated from Rogers High School in Newport, RI and in those four years took all the art and mechanical drawing classes they offered, and of course fished every chance I could.

I attended the University of Massachusetts / Dartmouth receiving a BS degree in Visual Arts and also taking many courses in the fine arts. I then worked in the advertising / graphics arts field for 40 years starting as an entry-level “paste-up” artist, and finishing as a Vice-President, Associate Creative Director for a large advertising agency in Providence, RI.

I’ve also had the good fortune of winning numerous awards for my successful graphic designs and advertising campaigns for many local and national accounts.

Since retirement, I've had much success doing free-lance graphic work, creating logos and corporate designs for friends and small businesses. And, being an avid fly fisherman, I have traveled to some beautiful parts of this great crountry in my search for wild fish, and over the years, I have created numerous fish illustrations, graphic designs and limited edition prints taken from these fly fishing adventures.

Having done numerous humorous illustrations for ad campaigns and graphic designs throughtout my art career, in 2011 I wrote and published my first book – a cartoon collection of my humorous adventures in fly fishing.

My second book was a biographial history of 'Rhody Fly Rodders', the oldest saltwater fly fishing club in America, featuring 50 members, their favorite flies, and their influence on fly fishing in saltwater.

My lastest is a children's book, called 'Max's Magic Fly,' about a 10 year old boy from a small town who created a magic fly to catch 'Old Scarface,' the largest trout in the lake. Right now I have two more books waiting to be published.

You might say I'm throughly enjoying my new life of writing, designing, drawing, painting, and of course, fishing.

These Sticker/Decals are made of thick vinyl, durable and waterproof, in a ‘Tribal Art’ style design illustration, 5" long. Great for windows, autos, fly boxes & boats, etc.

Made in the USA

Peter Nilsen Tribal Art Fish Stickers Write a review | No reviews for this product.


Write a review | No reviews for this product.