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PVC is known to produce a highly toxic chemical called Dioxin as it decomposes in ordinary land fills. Consequently, safeguards must be taken when disposing of PVC lines. As such, Airflo identified a facility that can safely dispose of all the old PVC lines you return, and will forward them to this facility for proper and safe waste processing.

Trade in any old (or new!) PVC lines and get $10 off each of your brand spankin' new, PVC-free, Airflo lines!

To receive $10 off you must complete as many registration cards as PVC lines you turn in.
(If you trade in 5 PVC lines, you must fill out 5 registration cards.)

For online customers - PVC lines must be received (sent to us) before credit is given
Please include name, phone number, address and email when sending lines to us. Thank you!

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.