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Golden Monkey: Bug Bumper 2 Fly Tournament


Hello to all! The 2 Fly was a huge success last year so we’d like to invite you all once again to join us for a great, fun day of fishing. The 2nd annual 2 Fly will be a little different this year. We’d like to raise money to send as many kids to Trout camp as we can. Trout Camp for Kids is put together by Trout Unlimited and offers kids a week long opportunity to dive into the fly fishing world. They explore conservation, entomology, and biology, while keeping it fun and interesting with fly fishing. This would be the perfect opportunity to get anglers together for a fun fill weekend of fishing and raise money to send kids to Trout Camp. We welcome fishers of all ages and from near and far. Guides and professionals are also welcome. If you want to hire a guide for the 2 Fly that is permitted as well.

Saturday, August 27th: prefish and figure out that secret fly!
Saturday night, August 27th: meeting at Marsh Island Brewery at 4 pm, to go over the rules and get rulers
Sunday August 28th is:

1. Fly fishing only. Any and all fish caught any other way will not be counted.
2. Catch and release only. No exceptions!
3. Anglers are to fish the Penobscot River only. From Dam above Winn boat launch down to Bangor . You can use anything that floats ( float tube, kayak, canoe, drift boat or jet boat) or go it on foot. You choose!
4. The 5 BIGGEST fish wins! All fish must be properly photographed to count. Each of your 5 fish measurements will be added up and the fisher with the largest number wins. In case of a tie, we will look at the time your last fish entry was photographed, the one that was photographed earliest wins the tie breaker.
5. Anglers must photograph their fish on the issued ruler. You must clearly show the entire fish from mouth to tail and fly must be seen in fishes mouth as well. Any fish not properly documented will not count.
6. Anglers are only allowed two flies. If you lose one then you only have one fly to fish with. If you lose both, you are done. You can still fish, but the fish won’t count. Only the fish caught and photographed prior to losing the flies count.
7. All anglers must check back in by 5pm end of the day!
Weather/ Cancellations: This will go on rain or shine. However, we do reserve the right to cancel or postpone the tournament due to hazardous weather such as extreme high winds or lightning.
Registration: There is a $50 per person registration fee. Registration fees are non refundable

**THERE WILL BE A PLOT TWIST…It will be reveled on Friday as part of the overall rule review. Be ready for ANYTHING and remember, this is all for fun!


  • 6 weight Scott Centric
  • Gift certificate to Annika fly shop
  • Yeti
  • 12wght
  • Net from Day Break Adventures guide service
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • Flies fromMegan Hess
  • Hot sauces
  • 3 book series by Mark Usyk

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    Write a review | No reviews for this product.