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Dyna-King Indexer Vise

The very popular "Indexer Vise". The indexer knob when engaged will click in 8 spots in the rotation. You may use this feature as you rotate or disengage the knob and then it becomes a regular Barracuda. Great for allowing epoxy to dry evenly or to work on different angles of a fly (under-belly, sides etc...) without any adjustment to the rotational drag. All the knobs and set collar are brass to add to the beauty and function of this vise. This vise is favored by many tyers.

SPECS: Hook range: 8/0-22
Length, Jaw tip to end = 8-1/2 Height, Jaw tip to desk=7
Weight, with Pedestal=7lb Weight, with Clamp=3lb

  • Full Rotary
  • Smooth Rotation
  • Tool Steel Jaws
  • Hardened cam
  • Rotational lock
  • Rotational Drag Adjustment
  • Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension


    Dyna-King Indexer Vise