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Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise Kit

A high quality kit that every tying beginner or novice should have. Included with the kit is a Kingfisher vise, DR SLICK professional tier tools, a sampling of DAIICHI hooks, tying materials from WASPSI to tie 3 types of caddis flies. Also, included is a CD-ROM, "Fly Tying the Angler's Art-Tying the Caddis", featuring Leroy Hyatt and Dave Engerbretson demonstrating tying techniques, and a highly recommended book, published by STACKPOLE, “The Basics of Fly Tying”.

Hook range: 8/0-22
Length, Jaw tip to end = 4.5” Height, Jaw tip to desk=7”
Weight, with Pedestal=3 lb-Vise only (5.5 lb with all materials) Weight, with Clamp=1 lb-Vise only (3.25 lb with all materials)

  • Kingfisher vise
  • Cam lever
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Hook holding power with standard jaw (hook size 22 to 8/O)
  • Choice of pedestal or clamp base
  • All materials to tie caddis flies with instructions.


    Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise Kit