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Riversmith River Quiver Roof Rack Rod Holder


River Quiver Design - the Best Fly Rod Roof Rack on the Market

The final design is superb. The River Quiver sports superior functionality and strength in all its details and at the same time conceals its technological superiority within a sophisticated exterior design. The appearance of the River Quiver is second to none. The visual lines are cohesive and sleek. They do not distract the eye, they do not scream for awkward attention. Other rooftop fly rod holders look like antennas or spaceship wings or are made of plumbing pipe. The River Quiver is understated, sleek and timeless. It compliments all vehicles from the roughest off-road truck to a shiny luxury SUV to a fleet of professional fly fishing guide or fishing outfitter vehicles.


Strength - a Roof Rack Rod Holder You Can Count On

River Quiver is a fly rod holder for trucks or cars and as such certain strength characteristics are taken into account in the custom design. The product must be able to withstand shock loads, wind loads, impact loads, have a versatile mounting system, be aerodynamic and quiet, and be lightweight to not add unneeded pounds and payload to the vehicle.

The River Quiver was designed to be the best in all of these and still be pounds lighter than any other roof rack rod holder. Lighter to install and less load on your vehicle.

Security - Flyrod Holders Built Like a Tank

River Quiver is the most secure rear entry molded reel box fly fishing rod holder for car or truck available. One of the greatest details of the RQ is the way the fly rod reel box is designed. The door closure has a super secure tongue and groove joint that locks together, making it almost impossible to insert a screwdriver or pry bar or to flex the lid away from the body. Other cheaper or discounted fly rod holders or vaults have simple overlap closures that are easy to pry or can even be flexed apart with hand pressure.

This detail alone- the tongue and groove joint- sets the River Quiver miles ahead of any others and is a great example of the quality and superiority of great design. The River Quiver also features an incredibly strong AES polymer that resists all attempts at destruction. We have attacked it brutally with a hammer in testing and have not been able to break it.

Ease of Use - Accessing Your Fly Rod Holder Is Simple

The idea of a fly rod holder for trucks and cars is to spend more time fishing by making it easier for fly rod storage and transport. Once again, River Quiver has better features that no other roof top fly rod carrier or vault has. The side-swing door is by far the best design available. It keeps access low to the ground so you don’t need to jump or stretch or get a ladder to load and unload your rods. It also features a “hold-open hinge” so that when the door is pushed fully open it passes a series of tiny ramps built into the hinge. Those ramps provide resistance from swinging shut if you are parked on a hill or if the wind blows, yet requires nothing more than a little tug to release and close.

A basic truth of car top fly rod carriers is that they are on the roof and require a reach up to operate. Top swing doors make that reach higher and may require a jump or ladder for some people to operate. Top swing doors also slam shut as part of their normal operation and slam shut with even more force when caught by the wind. Hands, fingers and rods can be caught and damaged.

We don’t like fishing in the wind but it happens. The side swing door is another example of great product design that nobody else has and makes a huge difference to the functionality and enjoyment of owning the best equipment you can buy.

Aesthetics - the Best Looking Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier, Bar None

There is no substitute for great product and visual design. Anything less is a compromise. You may have a favorite rod or reel that just appeals to you and it is your go-to setup. With River Quiver there is no tradeoff between form and function- it is by far the most functional and best built fly rod truck rack AND it is by far the sleekest, nicest, most professional looking fly rod roof rack you can put on your car, truck or SUV.


River Quiver is not only best-in-class, it has many features that are only-in-class.

Invest in the Best. River Quiver. Pro level functionality and pro level looks. Superior technology in every way incorporated into a sophisticated, sleek and timeless design.

Engineered, assembled, and shipped from Boulder, CO, the River Quiver is in stock and ready to ship. Get one today for yourself or it makes a great fly fishing gift.

Fly Fishing Rod Roof Rack With Our Double Barrel Tube Construction

Open-air fly rod car racks leave your valuable investment exposed to whatever mother nature decides to throw at it. If you take your gear seriously, a tube-style fly rod holder is the only way to protect it from the elements. A rod tube for trucks or cars can also double as a way to store your equipment without the worry of it getting bumped or dropped.


Riversmith River Quiver Roof Rack Rod Holder Write a review | No reviews for this product.


Write a review | No reviews for this product.