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Cortland Precision Big Fly Line

Just as some fish are bigger than others, some flies are bigger too. And when it gets right down to it, sending one of those big fuzzy flies sailing across the sky is half the fun. A feat that’s humanly possible thanks to the aggressive front-taper and over-weighted head on our new Big Fly line. It loads quickly and throws big streamers, bass flies, and tandem rigs with minimal false casting. The lowfriction, PST™ coating shoots smoothly through the guides, and the stiff, low-memory running line resists tangling. The 2-foot Dyna-Tip™ keeps the line high and dry, and welded loops at both ends makes rigging quick and easy. All the things you need to go after the big boys.

Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: White / Electric Green
Core: Braided Multifilament Nylon
Length: 100'
dual loops

Cortland Precision Big Fly Line