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Bionic Braid - by the yard

Made from Type 71 super dyneema fibers - the filament industry's finest denier - 50 pound Bionic Braid has become the backing of choice amongst growing numbers of flyrodders. Dean Butler - "if there was anything better, I'd be using it".

Compelling Bionic Braid advantages are a near doubling of reel capacities. Over and above standard backing loads of 30 pound dacron/micron, the same reel will take at least 1.8 times as much 50 pound Bionic Braid. This deregulation allows an enormous increase in scope. Bonefish reels theoretically become billfish capable. Flow on advantages include a substantial decrease in water pressure brought about by the comparative thinness of Bionic Braid - and stemming from that, no significant reduction in the reel's recovery rate following a big run.

Super tight weave
Machine braided with a super tight weave, Bionic Braid has a rounded shape - which it retains. And an ideal degree of limpness that lays between that of billowy first generation spectra lines and the wiry crop of thermo fused uni-filament spectra/dyneema lines. Those qualities translate into a braid that handles better and lays more comfortably on a spool. An additional bonus lays in the 7% elasticity the Bionic Braid weave provides. This modicum of stretch, absent in competitor product, provides comparatively higher percentage knot strengths and helps take the load off other knots in the system.

Slick Hi-Viz Finish
Bionic Braid has a unique slick and durable Teflon based finish that outlasts the coatings of other spectra/dyneema lines. This treatment negates concerns (which have been somewhat overrated) about gelspun lines cutting rod runners and careless hands. Bionic Braid is optically enhanced - it's trademark fluorescent pink colour provides exceptional situation awareness under a wide range of weather and water conditions. Visibility-wise Bionic braid provides the best of both worlds. We see it, fish do not. Scientific research has established that bright pink is not on the vision register of offshore gamefish and many commonly caught inshore/freshwater fish.

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