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Book - Stripers on the Fly

Stripers on the Fly is the most complete book ever written on fly fishing for striped bass. Its comprehensive advise will help those who already fly fish for stripers, as well as the freshwater fly rodder and saltwater spin angler who want to start fly fishing for this great gamefish that has made such a dramatic comeback in recent years. There is invaluable instruction for the beginning striped-bass fisherman, but also very advanced – and little known – information for the expert. Tabory covers:
  • basic techniques for the striped-bass fly fisher
  • rod, reel, and line needs for all locations
  • special equipment
  • how to read different water types-and how to fish them
  • what fly lines work best in different situations
  • the best flies for various times of the year-and special circumstances
  • the right retrieves for different waters and fly types
  • how to hook, fight, land, and handle fish
  • how tides, weather, and time of year affect fishing
  • special casting tips
  • night-fishing techniques
  • beach and boat safety
  • and much more

    Tabory’s priceless tips and observations-culled from years of experience-make Stripers on the Fly a must for anyone who wants to know more about this magnificent fish and how to catch it.

    Only the name Lou Tabory stands with Lefty Kreh's when it comes to imparting wisdom and inspiring trust in the complex and still relatively young arena of angling saltwater with flies. Tabory certainly understands the daunting challenge: "The first look at big water will unnerve most who have never fished the ocean." Not to worry. His patience, clarity, and breadth in Stripers on the Fly should have even unsettled novices eager to throw a line.

    By devoting an entire volume to a single species, Tabory, one of saltwater fly-fishing's pioneers, gives himself the luxury of covering the small details that more general efforts are forced to overlook. In fly-fishing, it's not the devil so much that resides in the details as the fish themselves. Over the course of this invaluable instructional, Tabory wades from the basics to the advanced on striper habits and likely locations; equipment; understanding tides, weather, and the seasons; learning how to read and approach different kinds of water; how to cast in various conditions; what flies to use; and the nuances of hooking, fighting, and landing. Illustrations abound, none better than the insert of color photos of Tabory's favorite striper flies. "No other saltwater species offers the average fly angler such fishing opportunities so close to highly populated areas," Tabory assures. With Tabory as guide, anglers can turn these opportunities into successes.

    -Jeff Silverman

    Author: Lou Tabory
    Hardcover: 308 pages
    Publisher: The Lyons Press; 1.00 edition (October 1, 1999)
    ISBN: 1558216391
    Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.2 x 0.9 inches

  • Book - Stripers on the Fly