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Book - Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques

Classic salmon flies-the most vividly beautiful of all fishing flies. Imaginatively conceived and meticulously crafted, they captivate, whether fished on big water or framed and proudly displayed. Tying the Classic Salmon Fly is designed for students of this time-honored art, whether they tie flies to fish or to exhibit. For inspiration, over seventy traditional and modern flies are handsomely photographed in this sumptuous book, each fly accompanied by its recipe. Much more than a hot-to-tie book, this comprehensive text focuses on varied aspects of the craft, featuring careful explanations and demonstrations by the most talented tiers in the United States.

Tiers will find fully-illustrated, step-by-step instructions for tying the three main styles of classic flies: married-wing, full-feather-wing, and strip-wing flies. These chapters highlight the individual, varied techniques of three world-class tiers as they illustrate and fundamentals of classic fly tying.

Ambitious tiers who wish to build a fly from the ground up will learn how to use antique hook patterns and modern techniques to produce exhibition-style hooks. A chapter on the science of at-home dyeing explains how tiers can create brilliant, realistic imitations of rare feathers by achieving exact color matches-vital for creative, conscientious tiers who seek to protect exotic, highly sought-after birds. Precise information is also included to help tiers perfectly build and mount the wings to attain the elegant complexity and balance that characterize classic salmon flies. In addition, because not all flies are destined for the end of a fly line, there are detailed directions for matting and framing finished flies, complete with illustrations and measurements.

Rounding out this gorgeous book is a full-color gallery of flies showcasing the work of twelve of the finest contemporary tiers in the United States, including recipes for recreating the breathtaking flies featured. Here and throughout the book, stunning photographs by Michael D. Radencich enrich each page and bring to life what he calls these “feathered jewels.” Tying the Classic Salmon Fly is as exquisite and finely crafted as the flies to which it is devoted.

Book - Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques