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Book - Fly-Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline

No type of fishing requires as much knowledge about when and where to go as does saltwater fly-fishing. The coastline is so vast and varied that to be successful, a fly fisher must understand predator and prey, their seasonal movements, and the inshore structures that attract them.

Ed Mitchell knows and explains these interrelated factors better than anyone. He is among the most widely read and respected saltwater fly-fishing writers and the authority on the northeast coast, having fly-fished there for more than twenty years. His first book, Fly Rodding the Coast, has become a standard reference on the subject.

Fly-Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline expands on his previous work by offering a more in-depth look at species, habitat, and tactics, and providing a closer look at migrations, including a state-by-state guide to when species typically arrive and depart. A bonus chapter covers the legendary Martha’s Vineyard hot spots of Lobsterville Beach and Dogfish Bar.

Mitchell pays special attention in this work to “edges”-transitional areas such as troughs, sloughs, points, bars, flats, channels, rock piles, and estuaries – where the water or bottom undergoes and abrupt change. In clear text and illustrations, he shows how to recognize these features on the coast, where the fish are likely to be within them, and how best to present your fly.

Separate chapters are devoted to the most popular species – stripers, blues, false albacore and bonito, weakfish and hickory shad – to forage and flies, and to solving common saltwater fly-casting problems. An eight-page color section shows 75 of the most effective patterns yet developed for the salt.

Book - Fly-Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline