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William Joseph Retractable Stripping Basket

Our Retractable Stripping Basket is a refreshing solution. In the past, stripping baskets were a "necessary pain in the butt," being bulky and always out of reach or in the way. The best piece of equipment, we feel, is the one you take for granted because it is always right where you need it and never where you don’t. Our Retractable Stripping Basket acts as a wading belt and a utility belt (holds tools, water, etc.) plus when it is time to fish, simply give it a yank and out pops the basket, ready to catch your line.

  • Breathable and adjustable belt
  • Lash points for other equipment
  • Built-in retractable basket
  • Weighs in at 1/2 lbs.

  • William Joseph Retractable Stripping Basket