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Wolf Moon -L- Drifter

We designed this net for folks who fish and guide for more than trout. Our original product tester guides drift boat trips for smallmouth bass. The laminated bow on this beautiful workhorse of a net has the strength to land the fish you've been hoping to catch. The rubber sack makes it easy to release those big, feisty fish without worrying about having a hook foul. We also offer this net with a 20" deep soft knotless nylon sack. We wanted a drift boat net for steelheading, and preferred the soft sack to the rubber. (If you're looking for a short-handled net with the same profile for wade-fishing for steelhead, go to the Rogue.)

You can buy a very functional metal frame with a rubber sack for less money, it's true. But for a lot of people who flyfish, there's nothing about a metal frame to appreciate beyond function. With the Drifter, though, you can appreciate the lovely lines that come from the marriage of the laminated bow and the black walnut handle. A net this size ought to be nice to look at, and this one is.

overall length 58" / bow 22" long x 15" wide
Sack options:
20" deep soft knotless nylon mesh sack or rubber sack
Wood options:
Laminate bow and black walnut handle
Long Net

Wolf Moon -L- Drifter