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Wolf Moon -J- Oconto

The Oconto has the same bow dimensions as the Prairie but a longer handle to give you more reach for use from a float tube or kick boat or for guiding. This long-sided net is available with a soft knotless nylon mesh sack in two depth options, and now also comes with a snag-resistant rubber sack. This is a net you'll enjoy looking at as well as using. You'll love the way the single-strip ash bow is integrated into the inlaid black walnut handle. The contrasting colors and nice lines of this net will look great in the pictures of you and the fish you release.

overall length 32-1/2" / bow 17-1/2" long x 8-1/2" wide
Sack options:
10" deep soft knotless nylon mesh sack or rubber sack
Wood options:
ash bow and black walnut handle
Long Net

Wolf Moon -J- Oconto