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PEAK Riser


  • The Riser is for those tyers that would like to adjust the height of their vise using either a pedestal base or the PEAK clamp. (or any other standard 3/8" diameter shaft)
  • The all brass body allows the adjustment you need when the table or chair height does not match your needs.
  • Allows 1-3/4" additional height adjustment
  • A brass tipped set screw, using the same 1/8" allen wrench used on the PEAK pedestal base and Clamp, is used to securely clamp any standard 3/8" riser while the lower portion can be clamped in your standard 3/8" hole in a pedestal base.
  • This is a great accessory when you do not get to choose the table height at your hotel or on river tying site.
  • PEAK Riser