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Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamps

The Mitten/Scissor Clamps utilize a heavy duty spring mechanism that allows for a firm and reliable hold, but at the same time eliminates the need for finger holds. No finger holds means no more clumsy action, trying to put the clamps on while holding a fish at the same time. The hold on these forceps is so strong, in fact, that to pinch the barb on a hook all you need to do is close the clamp once and rest assured your work is done. These forceps feature scissor blades behind the half smooth, half x-hatched grip on the head. The lanyard handle is included with the forceps, affording a bit more versatility in terms of easy access placement amidst your other gear.

  • Half Smooth & Half Cross Hatch Jaw
  • Straight
  • 1/2 clamp + 1/2 cutting blade
  • Lanyard Included

    All Dr. Slick instruments undergo a 6-step inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible.

  • Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamps