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ProTube Nanotube System

We went back to the drawing board to create of unique type of tubes to accommodate the new “Scandinavian” style of flies, with a short compact body and fewer materials, while maintaining excellent swimming and sinking characteristics. The result is a system that allow flies to be tied fast, and fish extremely good. The Pro Microtube & smaller Nanotube are designed with a larger butt section to add a striking point, a tap for mounting the Pro Hookguide and a shaft for mounting the desired style of weight. The result is a innovative streamlined tubesystem. All of the weights from the Pro Weight series fit snugly onto the shaft of the tube giving the tier a versatile system to tie killer flies fast and effective.

The Pro Nanotube is a smaller version of the Microtube. The rear part (or the tag) is smaller and shorter than the Microtube and has two “barbs” for better hold of a Hookguide - ideel for smaller flies.

ProTube Nanotube System