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Whiting's Coq de Leon Rooster Cape

Dating back to 1624, Coq de Leon, or the "rooster of Leon" is the oldest line of birds bred for their feathers. The beautiful long speckled fibers are stiff, almost having a glassy look.

There are two distict lines. "Pardo" or the brown line is a larger bird and the feathers are marked with fine speckling.

Light Pardo

Dyed Salmon

Medium Pardo

Dyed Orange

Dark Pardo

Dyed Copper Olive

~ Excellent tailing fibers from the "throat hackle" along the edges of the cape
~ Larger wet and dry fly cape hackle, and barbs suitable for hackle stacking applications.
~ The long barbs make great collars on streamers, wets, bass and saltwater flies
~ Also great for Yuk Bug, Jumbo Humpy and Sofa Pillow flies
~ Whiting Farms is the only breeder of Coq de Leon with original bird stock from the Leon district of Spain.

Whiting's Coq de Leon Rooster Cape