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Whiting Coq de Leon Tailing Packs

The balance and performance of a quality dry fly is optimized by a resilient and glossy tailing fiber to mimic the natural. Synthetic materials are too stiff, puncturing the water surface and sinking a dry fly faster. The naturally stiff yet supple characteristics of the Coq de Leon humoral tract feathers have been the tailing material of choice for centuries. Whiting Farms offers these tailing feathers in convenient packs. Color choices include light, medium & dark pardo and natural ginger. A variety of dyed colors are also available.

Coq de Leon roosters are the oldest genetic chicken line bred for fly tying feathers. Dating back several hundred years, these roosters have traditionally been bred only in Spain. Since the mid-1990s, Whiting Farms has continued the tradition by raising authentic Coq de Leon rooster stock from Spain. Whiting Farms is the only commercial breeder of Coq de Leon outside of Spain.

Available in:

  • Natural Cream Badger (011)
  • Natural Light Ginger (004)
  • Natural Light Pardo (042)
  • Natural Black (008)
  • Dyed Medium Dun (022)
  • Dyed Light Dun (021)
  • Whiting feathers are in high demand. Please place your order and we will contact you with availability. Thanks.

    Whiting Coq de Leon Tailing Packs