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Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste™

Just because the fishing is hot, doesn’t mean that the weather will follow suit. That’s where Stanley’s Ice Off Paste comes into play. A non-toxic anti-freeze paste for lines and guides to help keep them from freezing, even when temperatures are hovering below 0. It is safe for the environment as well as your equipment. Apply to your line and guides and watch it work. Just ask any Midwestern winter steelhead fisherman.

~ Paste antifreeze
~ Keeps line and guides from freezing

Directions for use:
Apply desired amount to fingers. Apply to fly line and rod guides. Reapply when needed.

1/4 oz

Apply Stanley's Ice Off Paste to the line and the guides with finger tips or clean cloth. Reapply about every twenty minutes of fishing time depending on the weather.

Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste™