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Loon - Loon Dust™

Triple duty treatment powder floatant. A non-white fumed silica powder floatant and sparkle attractor with brush applicator. Apply to dry flies for ultimate floating power. Use on nymphs to create a realistic air bubble effect. Great for CDC. Can also be used on fly lines for easier pick-up and to accelerate casting speed and distance. Apply by working into fly with brush applicator.

~ Powder floatant
~ Easy to use applicator brush
~ Perfect for CDC
~ Gives nymphs air bubble effect
~ Work into fly line to increase flotation

Directions for use:
Shake bottle with closed lid to coat applicator brush with dust. Remove applicator brush (attached to lid) and apply to body and wings of dry flies. If fishing with nymphs, apply Loon Dust to body to create realistic air bubble effect. Reapply when needed.

1 oz.

Loon - Loon Dust™