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Loon Payette Paste Fly & Fly Line Floatant™

Who doesn’t love options? So when a spray, powder or gel just won’t cut it, Payette Paste comes to the rescue. Its thicker consistency stays put on leader, tippet, indicators and flies. When applied, it gives hackles and leaders a silky-smooth, water-resistant coating.

An excellent paste floatant designed for line, leader and tippet as well as flies. The paste rubs on clear, keeping leader and tippet floating on top. It can also be used as a temporary treatment for damaged floating lines. As a fly floatant, Payette Paste can be applied to large flies, giving wings and bodies a smooth silky coating. It will keep its' texture regardless of temperature.

~ Paste floatant
~ Ideal for tippet and leader
~ Gives flies a silky smooth coating
~ Keeps floating lines on top
~ Temperature stable

Directions for use:
Apply desired amount to fingers. For leader: slide leader through fingers. For fly: apply and work into fly. Reapply when needed.

1/4 oz.

This is the best all around product for floating leaders and tippets as its consistency stays put on monofilament.

Loon Payette Paste Fly & Fly Line Floatant™