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Cortland Precision Spey Short Belly Line

The Spey cast is a thing of subtle beauty. And unlocking that beauty can be as straightforward as having the right line for your rod. We make it easy by rating our lines for both rod length and line weight. Of course that’s not the only thing that makes our new Spey lines easy to cast. The heads are made with our supple, super-slick Precision® coating material for controlled D-loops and roll casting. The running lines are formulated with our harder, stiffer new PST™ coating for maximum shootability. All three lines feature dual welded loops and two-color heads to easily identify the optimum pick-up point for loading the rod. The cast may be subtle, but the choice of lines is obvious.

Rated for 11'6" to 12'6" Spey rods, and tapered to effortlessly execute Spey, roll and overhead casts, our all-new 46' belly Spey line is the right choice for shorter “grilse” rods.

Sizes: WF 7-10
Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: Light Blue / Orange
Core: Braided Multifilament Nylon
Head: 46'
Length: 100''
dual loops

Cortland Precision Spey Short Belly Line