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MagEye's Magnifier

A hands-free head-mounted magnifier. Works well with our with-out prescription glasses. One size fits all.

Features a 1.6X and a 2.0X lens
  • Cushioned headband
  • Fits all head sizes
  • Moves with line of focus
  • Distortion-free viewing
  • Wide field of vision
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Feather-lite, only 50 grams (1.75 oz)
  • Brings work closer into focus than regular magnifying glasses
  • Adjustable magnifier-visor swings up and down, or can be locked in place
  • Modern, open design assures unimpaired vision
  • Comfortable, cool, no headaches
  • Slip-on cushioned headband-fits all sizes
  • Snap-out interchangeable lenses.

  • MagEye's Magnifier