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NuWave Head Spin Production Fly/Jig Rotator Dryer

High production Fly and Jig Rotator/Dryer

  • Stable, rugged metal construction
  • Securely holds #6 to #6/0 Hooks (down to size 18 with our MicroClips)
  • Micro Clips available for Small Flies and keeping long flies straight
  • AC powered
  • Quality USA built 7 RPM Motor
  • 6x5x30" Assembled
  • No more twirling flies in your hands or vise!
  • Mass production wheel uses a patent pending spring system for holding your flies
  • Removable spring wheel has a special slip clutch design allows you to grab, stop and reverse the wheel as you add flies
  • No foam or cork to wear out!
  • Effectively holds Circle Hooks!

    The Head Spin Production Dryer is the perfect solution for professional volume fly tiers. The Production version of our HS-1 features a 50+ fly capacity using four of our 5 inch pat. pending spring hold wheels which secure your flies better than foam and cork and it will not wear out.

    It also features dual AC powered motor drive and convenient construction which breaks down into 3 pieces. Can be mounted to any work surface. Comes with 20 microclips.

  • NuWave Head Spin Production Fly/Jig Rotator Dryer