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NuWave Rod Finishing and Drying Chuck Kit

Together with the HS-1 the RDC-RB Features:
  • Chuck Fits 0.125" to 1 3/4" Dia Rod Sections - wont nick or scratch blank
  • Battery Powered, compact / portable
  • On/Off switch
  • More than 400 hours of battery life
  • AC Version Available
  • Stable, rugged metal construction
  • Quality USA built 7 RPM Motor

    The Head Spin RDC-RB chuck kit is perfect for beginner and advanced rod builders. The RDC-RB kit will allow you to rotate your rods making it easy to apply finish to the guide wraps and rod blank. When you are done applying the finish, the HS-1 RDC-RB will continue to rotate it at the optimal rate to develop a perfectly smooth and symmetrical finish. The HS-1 RDC-RB kit includes all of the components required to convert the new standard HS-1 wheel into a self adjusting, self centering rod chuck. The RDC-RB will adjust to fit both tip and butt sections allowing you to build your rod in halves if your space is limited. The Kit includes all of the hardware, rubber straps and instructions you will need to get you building rods right away! Total assembly time is only a couple of minutes.

  • NuWave Rod Finishing and Drying Chuck Kit