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Book - Saltwater Flies of the Northeast

Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is all about productive saltwater patterns of the Northeast--flies that are designed to consistently catch fish. Intended to serve as a reference guide for both beginning and advanced fly anglers and fly tiers, this book is also a window on the world of some of the region's most successful fly fishermen.

Angelo Peluso profiles the exceptional flies of more than 100 professional and amateur tiers, guides and captains. Their designs and patterns have been successfully fished regionally--from the southern tip of New Jersey up through the rugged coastline of Maine, and most all locations in between. Within these pages are the "go-to" designs that each contributing fly tier, professional guide and captain uses when the going gets tough.

With its beautiful photographs and stunning artwork, including its unique computer-generated cover, this book is worthy of being on display. It's also practical, with descriptions and recipes for more than 400 of today's most effective Northeast saltwater fly patterns. An indispensable guide for fly tying, Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is a "must-have" for the serious or aspiring saltwater fly tier and fly angler.

From the Back Cover
"Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is comprehensive; it includes all pattern genres, and all eras. This book both captures the state of the art in Northeast saltwater fly pattern development as of 2006, and will serve as a foundation for future fly pattern development--for any geographic region near the sea--by the tiers of tomorrow." ---Alan Caolo, Author Sight-Fishing for Striped Bass

"Angelo's effort is home to the soul of Northeast saltwater fly fishing. Pioneers (Curcione and Popovics), legends (Clouser and Kreh) and local masters like Mikkleson, Becker, Skok and Patlen all cast their imitations in the waters of this invaluable work." ---Bob Lindquist

Author: Angelo Peluso
Hardcover: 191 pages
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications (August 2006)
ISBN: 1571883940
Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.3 x 0.8 inches

Book - Saltwater Flies of the Northeast