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Ross Evolution 1.5 Spool

Weight: 6.4 oz.
Cordura Sheath: included
Lanyard: included
Replacable Jaws: yes
Replacable Cutters: yes
Replacable Sharpening Stone: yes

The Pescador 6 and Pescador 7.5 fishing pliers are the ultimate fishing tools for saltwater, freshwater and warmwater anglers. The pliers are made from aircraft-grade, 6061G-T6511 proprietary aluminum stock. While most aluminum pliers are made from standard 6061-T6 stock, we have chosen to use this proprietary blend which provides greater strength and rigidity, while still providing a beautifully machined finish and vibrant color application. These incredible pliers fit comfortably in-hand and have ventilated arms for a lightweight feel. The tungsten carbide cutters effortlessly slice through virtually all sizes of fishing specific monofilaments, wires and braided lines. The pliers have ample jaw strength to safely remove hooks, tighten knots, crimp sleeves and connect wires. In addition, we have incorporated a revolutionary medium grit diamond coated sharpening stone into the top of the pliers' jaw for convenient hook sharpening. While most competitive pliers require the purchase of a sheath and lanyard separately, the Ross Worldwide Pescador 6 and Pescador 7.5 pliers are shipped complete with a high quality, custom designed cordura sheath and self-coiling safety lanyard, all for one incredible low price. Whether you choose the 6" model or the 7.5 model, the Pescador pliers are likely to be the last pair you will ever buy.

Body Material: 6061G-T6511 proprietary aluminum alloy
Manufacturing Specifications: Fully machined arms, 2 piece assembled body
Jaws Material: 440C heat treated stainless steel (Replaceable)
Cutters Material: Tungsten carbide (Replaceable)
Sharpening Stone Material: Medium grit diamond coated stone (Replaceable)
Finish: Anodized for the perfect balance of hardness and color
Fishing Application: Designed for use in all
freshwater, warmwater and saltwater fishing environments

Ross Evolution 1.5 Spool