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Sold Abel - Super 5N Large Arbor - Larko Brown Trout Silhouete

Larko Brown Trout - silhouette

Outdoor artist and friend Andrea Larko has developed a wonderful brown trout graphic now available from Abel.

In her own words:
Growing up in western Pennsylvania Iíve always had a soft spot for trout, brown trout in particular. They may be prominent in a lot of streams in my neck of the woods, but they are so sneaky sometimes. The wild ones especially are particularly elusive and I always feel like theyíre playing some sort of game where I donít always know the rules. I think these trout teach me something new every time Iím on the water. Sometimes it doesnít matter what I try: which cast I use, where I should stand to get the best angle without being seen, which fly I try, the time of day or water temperatures or how I let it drift, they just donít care to bite. Iíll stand there and watch them eat off the surface or subsurface or rolling on the bottom for food, yet I canít see anything in the water or floating past me that they might be eating and no matter what fly I drift in their lane, theyíre not having it. I think itís even more amusing when they come up and watch the fly for a split second and then turn away. I donít like this game, but does any angler? Thatís the fun in brown trout though, because sometimes they let you in on the rules. Sometimes the hatches match up to the calendars and time of day and those flies actually work, and more so than that, they work incredibly well. It is days like those that make it all worthwhile. The other days I spend on the water when the fish arenít as easily deceived by my choice of flies, I chalk up to a learning experience and try to be optimistic. I say to myself that itís nice to just be out on the water, even if I didnít catch any fish, but we all know it still gets under our skin a bit whey they outsmart us.

When I drew this fish I was thinking of the days where I spent on the water when I had good luck. I saw that brown trout turning around in my head after it grabbed a fly and I wanted to immortalize the mental image and feeling of elation and surprise when it hit. With this piece of art I could hold onto the moment of feeling like I knew what the rules were on the water that day. It may only be a split second to witness that moment where the brown trout hits your fly, but itís a lucky one. So this is my lucky brown trout design. I drew the lines with fluidity as I see the trout in my head moving so quickly that the reflection and turbulence on the water above starts to make patterns spiraling out in waves from the aftermath of the strike. It is moments like these that make me want to create art from fishing. It is a feeling and experience I get to live and feel all over again every time I see this brown trout design. Even more difficult is the feeling of making me want to be on the water again. The colors I decided to use on the fish are all colors that I experience when Iím fishing for brown trout; which is why there are a lot of colors on this piece. I pulled most of the colors directly from photographs of wild brown trout Iíve caught locally and a few Iíve enhanced to bring out the colors of emotions I feel when I have a brown trout on the end of my line. It took me a few days to color this piece just the right way, as to evoke and awaken something in me that gives me that same feeling of being on the water and feeling that line go taught. The reds, yellows, oranges and greens are colors I usually see in a wild brown trout from the streams in PA, but the teals, purples and blues are the calming colors I associate with being on the water and even having the opportunity to be fly fishing. I hope you see in this design the brown trout that makes you want to keep getting back on the water.

-Andrea Larko, July 2015

The Super 5 Narrow Ė S-5N Ė is the newest addition to the Abel reel arsenal. A dedicated 5/6-weight reel, it is the definitive weapon for trout with big shoulders and a snotty attitude. If you're after trout, half-pound steelhead, little jack salmon, small Gulf Coast reds, specks or any other fish on a 5- or 6-weight, this little baby is the reel for you. You get the double advantage of both a Large Arbor and a Narrow Spool for quick line pick-up. We worked on this reel more than a year to get the correct ratio of large arbor and narrow spool. Beautiful to look at, delightful to hold and a real bear with a running fish.

Sold Abel - Super 5N Large Arbor - Larko Brown Trout Silhouete